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GPWA in der Presse: 10th Anniversary Celebration

Left to right: Erika Ofenhitzer, Rica Lade, Gisela Blevins, Beate Turner and Christina Griesser

Artikel und Bild:

Southfield ­ It is truly hard to believe that it has been 10 years already since a few women started to get together on a regular basis for dinner to network about jobs and area events and to build friendships. Our international membership consists of all kinds of talented women from different paths of life. We help and support one another in all aspects of life. A decade of networking, friendship and support needs to be acknowledged, remembered and celebrated.

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05 2008

GPWA feiert 10 Jahre Networking

“Let me call special attention to the 10th anniversary of the German Professional Womens Association (GPWA), …

I am reluctant to single out one group for special praise, but I do have to say that the GPWA has provided outstanding service to its members and the German-American community in a relatively short time — and I am very proud of them!
I never cease to be amazed at all of the projects, activities, programs and initiatives these “go-getters” have undertaken. Congratulations!”

– Fred Hoffman (Honorary Consul)

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04 2008